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Trust Layer

The Trust Layer integrates a comprehensive suite of services to ensure security on the token, user, and DAO levels. With the trust layer, you can outsource verifications to us and focus on building a community with trust.

Services offered

Our primary purpose is to build trust and to make sure that people are not scammed or affected by smart contract hacks.


Security Audit

Due Diligence

NFT Collection review

Tokenomics review

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Trust Layer integration

Benefits of Trust Layer integration

Build trust with your community.
Make sure promises made by projects are kept.
Ensure that security standards are high.
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Use cases

Case 1


New projects have high risk rug pulls and security vulnerabilities.


- KYC of project team
- Tokenomics review to indicate fairness of token distribution

Case 2


Listing projects can pump and dump their tokens and harm investors.


- KYC of project team
- Project Due Diligence to inform your community about the project and attract more attention.

Case 3


Startups have no track record and need help establishing trust with investors and community.


- KYC of project team
- Audit of smart contracts

Trust layer workflow

Example of Trust Layer integration on Soonaverse

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