Trust Layer Integration

AuditOne provides a full range of services to keep projects, users, and DAOs safe. By using the Trust Layer, you let us handle security checks so you can concentrate on creating a trusted community.

Secure your community with AuditOne Trust Layer!

What's a Trust Layer?

The service's primary purpose is to build trust and make sure that your clients are not scammed or affected by smart contract hacks. We'll cover the following services:


Verify identity of project owners and users to ensure that the actors are real human and can be made responsible for their actions.

Security Audit

Verify the security of projects launching on your platform or joining your community. Our audit will uncover potential risks and optimise performance of smart contracts.

Due Diligence

Let us dive deep into the projects, their team, business, tokenomics and technical architecture and provide you with insights, so you can makebetter decisions.

Benefits of the integration

Unlock your community security today with us!
Build trust with your community
Make sure promises made by projects are kept
Ensure that security standards are high

Trust layer workflow

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Use cases

Case 1
New projects have high risk rug pulls and security vulnerabilities.

- Protection
- KYC of project team
- Tokenomics review to indicate fairness of token distribution
Case 2
Listing projects can pump and dump their tokens and harm investors.
- Protection
- KYC of project team
- Project Due Diligence to inform your community about the project and attract more attention
Case 3
Startups have no track record and need help establishing trust with investors and community.
- Protection
- KYC of project team
- Audit of smart contracts

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Example of Trust Layer integration on Soonaverse

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