About AuditOne

We deliver transparent Web3 and AI audits matching the industry's rapid growth.
AuditOne is an all-in-one audit platform, that offers security services and tools to ensure the safety and reliability of smart contracts and AI-systems. We redefine blockchain auditing by perfectly balancing quality, speed, affordability, and reliability.
Our unique approach is tailored to the dynamic nature of the blockchain industry, ensuring we deliver excellence without compromise.

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Our Mission

We are to enhance the security and transparency of the Web3 ecosystem.
We aim to set new standards in blockchain security, ensuring the integrity and reliability of digital innovations in the Web3 space.
We are committed to creating a platform that unites experienced auditors and equips them with essential resources to conduct comprehensive and transparent audits.

Our Track Record

Scaling audits efficiently with more than 7 audits simultaneously at our peak times.
Audited industry-leading projects like Aurora, Humans.ai and RedStone
Successfully sold & completed over 150 KYCs (Know Your Customer)
Empowering a community of over 500 auditors (with some of the best in the entire industry).
Launched multiple bug bounties among a $1 million bug bounty from Aurora.
Completed Seed Round in 2023
Audited industry-leading projects like Redstone and Aurora
Successfully sold & completed over 150 KYCs (Know Your Customer)
Registered a community of over 450 auditors (Including more than 70 highly qualified auditors, considered among the best in the industry)
Launched a $1 million bug bounty with our client Aurora
Aurora ecosystem security partner
Established a partnership with Tokenize.it
Joined forces with Soonaverse
Post-audit security collaboration with Cyverse

Our Team

Adrien Resch
Raja Thota
He is responsible for technical development and management of the technical team
David Velek
Daniel Francis
Product Manager
Luis Buendía Carreño
Head of Security
Alina Kupreienkova
Marketing Manager
Gracious Igwe
Smart Contract Triager
Hamed Aboltakhty
AI/ML Developer
Jannat Ahsan
Umer Nasir
Frontend Developer
Mahdi Naderi
Sales and Marketing
Christian Sauer
Marc Strigel
Tobias Potthoff
Richard Mediavilla

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