Penetration Testing

Secure your infrastructure from cyberattacks and
data leaks with the best pen-testers.

With more than 50+ certified pen-testers we can service you with any request whether it concerns web-applications, infrastructure or mobile applications.
Get protected

Leverage an army of white-hat hackers to make your code unbreakable!

Unlike traditional penetration testing teams, we at AuditOne leverage independent white-hat hackers to test code and uncover vulnerabilities.
350+ white-hat hackers will use all their power to break your code
Automated tests will uncover common vulnerabilities
Final report compliant with industry standards
How it works

Our auditors are certified

Earn Trust from you customers.
Protect your organization.
The better your code, the less you pay
The cost of our penetration tests depends on the amount of issues uncovered during the testing, since our hackers get bonuses on every valid issue they discover.
Most up to date attack protection
Our large pool of white-hat hackers delivers the best in the industry talent and state-of-the-art knowledge of vulnerabilities.
web2 and web3 competencies
As a web3 oriented company, we have competencies in both - traditional web2 and decentralized web3 security
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