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AuditOne KYC

Securely verify your identity with our KYC, show your credibility and build trust with your community.

Why is KYC important?

KYC has become a crucial part of Web3, since most crypto scams are rug pulls performed by anonymous teams, where any actions are impossible to undergo. Most serious investors, exchanges and launchpads require projects to KYC to prevent fraud and protect investors. While KYC verifies the identity of the project team, the identity is only revealed to the law enforcement when user funds are stolen.

Gain trust of your community, investors and partners

Increase your reputation by legitimizing your team and show that you are serious about your commitment to transparency and accountability. AuditOne KYC process ensures private verification, while protecting your data and keeping it confidential.

Get access to launchpads and exchanges

Most of the leading launchpads and exchanges require project teams to verify their identity with a KYC. Investors feel safer investing into verified project teams, since KYC decreases chances of rug pulls.

Our KYC process

Request KYC and connect your wallet. Submit project details and agree with our conditions.
Submit your personal ID to our KYC partner. Join verification call to verify your documents.
Receive KYC certification upon verification and share it with your community.
Platforms with integrated AuditOne trust layer will recieve your KYC automatically within 24h.
Start KYC

See how our KYC integration works at Soonaverse

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