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360 degree audit

We review your company’s operations, financials, and technology. Our in-depth analysis of the company’s current prospects and potential risks associated with the venture will give any investor a complete overview of your company.

Whether we assess all or just specific components is up to you. The audit report will indicate all selected components of the audit.

360 degree audit

Our experts have many years of experience in vetting companies & protocols. Thanks to our community of security experts we do an in depth technical analysis of projects codebase and technologies.

Marketing and Social media performance

- Community (engagement, giveaways, articles, feedback)
- Discord (organization, control, moderation)
- Twitter (followers, growth, quality of tweets, promotions)
- Telegram (spam control, members, growth)
- Medium (content quality, frequency)

Team analysis

- Experience & competencies of founders
- Organisational structure
- C-Management, Advisors
- Key hires

Business analysis

- Business objectives
- Sales, Financials
- Github activity
- Code base
- Funding
- Lite- / Whitepaper


- Token allocation
- Cliff & vesting lock periods
- Token distribution
- Trading volume and liquidity
- Token supply strategy

Our 360 degree audit process

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Due Diligence Reports

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