Smart Contract Security Audit

Looking for a cost-efficient smart contract code review? AuditOne will identify all potential risks and provide actionable insights to improve your project's security.

All Blockchains, Any Coding Language

How? We have 500+ verified auditors on our platform with skills in every progamming language & Web3 technology. A designated auditor pool will be created for you based on the relevant experience.

Results Delivered

Our transparent reports offer a complete analysis of your project's security, pinpointing every detectable flaw and vulnerability.
Comprehensive Report

Get a detailed smart contract audit report with a deep dive into the security of your blockchain project, highlighting all identified errors and vulnerabilities. You'll see every little thing that could be better, so you have a clear picture of what needs attention.

List of Recommendations

Along with the list of issues, our thorough report also gives you advice on how to fix them. With our expertise in blockchain security audit we not only point out what's wrong; we give you a step-by-step guide on how to make your project secure.

Smart-Cost Security

With our streamlined operations we avoid high overhead costs and provide top-quality audits without the high price tag.

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Security Audit Process

Submit your codebase and get a quote for an audit in 1 day.
Auditor pool
Sign agreement, pay your deposit and meet your auditor pool.
Code Review
Audit starts within 3 days. Auditors individually review your code.
Issue Review
Issues are aggregated to a shared repo and peer-reviewed by the auditors.
Fix your codebase
You are invited to fix the issues based on auditor’s recommendations.
Final Review
After resolving the issues, code is reviewed again.
Final Report
Final report is drafted. You approve the draft, pay remaining money and get final report.
Onboarding the best in class auditors
Let us know what services you are interested in and send us information about your codebase/repository. Our teem will review your details and get back to you with a quote and timeline for the audit within 24 hours.
Meet your auditors, sign agreement
Once we have agreed on the scope, price and timeline, we will present you with your team of auditors. We ask you to pay a deposit for the audit and our auditors start reviewing your code and systems individually.
Peer-review of findings
Our unique approach involves 3-4 auditors who individually review your code/ system. Their findings are then peer-reviewed by the other auditors, validating them and ensuring the highest reliability of our services.
We help you fix issues
After completing the smart contract code review, or AI systems audit we give you suggestions on how to fix the found issues. Should you have any questions about the audit, you can contact our auditors directly.
Get a final report
Once you have fixed all issues, we will provide you with a final report.

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