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Share your Smart Contract Details

Projects with detailed documentation on their smart contract make onboarding easy. The least time auditors spend trying to understand the functionality in the code, the more time they can dedicate to finding vulnerabilities.

The documentation should describe the logic, the problem the project intends to tackle, and the anticipated functionality. Read more here (“How to prepare for a successful smart-contract audit”)

Audit Preparation

Project should ensure they run all the test cases before the audit and freeze the code during the audit with the last commit hash submitted. Changes made during the audit might not be in the scope of the audit and result in an incomplete audit.

Auditors working together

Four independent auditors analyze the code to identify vulnerabilities. After completing their code review, they discuss their findings and peer-review them to ensure strong validation, especially for high & critical issue findings. Every auditor will draft a report with our reporting tool that guides them through standardized industry checks.

Resolve your issues

A consolidated draft report with all issues will be compiled and sent to the project team to review and resolve or acknowledge the findings. Then auditors will have a final review.

Get a final report

The AuditOne team will provide the project with the final report that has a QR code for immutability which the project could publish.

Prevent vulnerabilities. Save funds. Audit your smart contract!

Smart contracts are code like any other program, but they can also be financial vehicles, incentivizing malicious actors to find vulnerabilities to exploit.

Minor code mistakes could be detrimental to the security and longevity of a project.
Audit your smart contract now
We simplified the audit process. With pre-vetted security auditors, tools, and resources in AuditOne, you can find everything you need to identify bugs in your smart contracts and save your user’s funds.
Audit firms
Bug Bounty Platforms
Experts for any coding language
Independent peer-review
KYC Auditors
Audit Tools
€ - €€€
On-chain monitoring
Base + performance based payment
Bug bounty
Coverage option
Standardized report
Waiting time
1 week
2 - 3 months
1 week
Audit time
1 month
1 month

Find out how you can earn with AuditOne!

Refer us to projects and earn 10% of audit commission.
The most valuable referrals are those with a warm intro to the project team leaders.
How it works
Refer Auditone to a project that needs an audit. Reach out on Telegram!
Make a warm intro with the co-founders and dev leaders.
Once we have closed the deal, you will receive 10% of the commission fees.
Refer us to 3+ projects and earn an additional 5% on every audit.
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