Raja Sekhar Thota

Smart Contract Auditor Journey

Smart contracts are the backbone of Web3, and numerous decentralized applications, ranging from financial services to gaming, are being developed daily. However, blockchain's immutable and transparent nature makes it vulnerable and leads to catastrophic consequences if not addressed before deployment. This highlights the need for smart contract auditors, who play a significant role in ensuring the security of web3 projects. In this article, we will discuss the smart contract auditor's journey from foundations to building a career out of it and how AuditOne plays an important role in creating opportunities for growth and career development in this field.

Foundational skills

Every smart contract auditor starts with a strong foundation in programming and fundamentals of blockchain, decentralized apps, ecosystems, and cryptographic principles. The most commonly used languages for smart contracts include - Solidity, Rust, Vyper, and Go. Explore the libraries and frameworks like Openzepellin, Truffle, and Hardhat used by most projects for efficiently developing and testing smart contracts. Once you are confident in these areas, try out some bootcamps and online courses to start learning about security that would cover common vulnerabilities to understand the threat landscape, tools, and different methods to audit smart contracts.

At AuditOne, we have an academy with resources to help you get started learning about smart contract auditing, including common vulnerabilities and tools. Explore the 'Academy' section by signing up for our app at

Gaining practical experience

Participating in Capture the Flag (CTF) challenges is the best way to get hands-on experience with practical examples of smart contract auditing. Contributing to audit contests and bug bounty programs allows you to apply your skills in real-world scenarios and build your reputation in auditing. These activities will help you develop your expertise and gain recognition in the field of smart contract auditing.

At Auditone, we organize CTF challenges (with a codebase of fewer than 500 words), which help auditors gain experience in real-world projects. The challenge also allows the winner to be part of the auditor pool for the next available audit, skipping the waitlist.

Specializing in Auditing

With a solid foundation and practical experience, the next step is to specialize in auditing. Smart contract auditing is an evolving space. As threats emerge with the developing Web3 landscape, staying updated is essential throughout your career. Performing audits with top audit firms across different protocols helps you gain valuable experience. Explore learning advanced techniques for identifying vulnerabilities, understanding security best practices, and staying informed about the latest threats and mitigation strategies.

AuditOne, with its connections to prominent and evolving ecosystems like Ethereum, Near, Polygon, IOTA, and Shimmer, provides auditors with unique opportunities to gain practical experience in auditing different protocols and DApps.

Auditor journey at AuditOne

Auditors can join the platform just by registering on our platform. To be eligible for audits, they must complete KYC and pass our Soilidity or Rust exam to start as Security Researchers. Participants in CTFs will have chances to skip the waitlist and join the experienced auditor pool for their first audit at AuditOne.

Auditors enjoy flexibility when working with us—you can set your availability, and audits are allocated accordingly. The auditing process is also gamified, with XP awarded for contributions. You can climb the ladder as the levels and roles are updated based on performance.

AuditOne XP Levels 

AuditOne also provides auditors with audit tools like static analyzers and code visualizers to understand code logic easily and known vulnerabilities detected so that they focus on finding more unknown issues. We are in the process of building more sophisticated tools using AI to assist auditors further.


The journey of a smart contract auditor is challenging but rewarding. It requires combining technical expertise, practical experience, and a continuous commitment to learning. AuditOne plays an important role in shaping skilled auditors, providing them with opportunities, tools for efficient auditing, training, and the platform needed to excel. For those passionate about blockchain security, joining AuditOne as a security researcher would not just be a career choice but a pathway to becoming a trusted guardian of the decentralized future.