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Swathi Rao

Blockchain Buzz in Berlin

In the past year, we’ve seen multi-million-dollar NFT sales, Dogecoin explosion after a few tweets, cryptocurrency price uncertainty, ransomware hackers being paid off in Bitcoin, and growing concern over the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining. Behind those headlines, a larger movement was happening. Cryptocurrency, and the blockchain that underpins it, are evolving as a powerful, decentralized alternative to the dominant fiat system of money and banking.

Berlin has become an important venue for events and information about blockchain technologies. As a regional information and networking format, numerous meetups on various aspects of blockchain are held in Berlin. The topics range from questions about the technology itself, the range of applications in different sectors, and associated social and legal issues. Coined the “Bitcoin Capital of Europe” by The Guardian back in 2013, Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum and Founder of Consensys, called Berlin in 2019 “one of the most important cities for crypto and blockchain”.

Why Berlin?

One can easily be part of this upcoming blockchain network, you can be a freelancer or a company looking for dependable resources. To make that connection happen, we have a startup based in the heart of Berlin, AuditOne. We help keep it affordable, transparent, and reliable.

Whether you’re a savvy investor or simply interested in learning more about this crucial technology, there are a plethora of blockchain conferences, blockchain networking events, and meetups happening around Berlin. The most popular event is Blockchain Week Berlin.

The next time you head to a bar or pay your university tuition fee, you can do it with bitcoin.

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