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The trust layer of our
multi-stakeholder world.

At AuditOne, we care about smart contract security.
Security is essential in web3 since many smart contracts could potentially be at risk when a project goes live.

No standards require projects to audit their smart contracts, but the blockchain is not forgiving! An audited smart contract is regarded as trustworthy to investors, and improving the security of assets put on a smart contract, increases its overall reliability for end-users.

That’s why we’re proud to have created a platform that empowers smart contract auditors.

Meet our team

Adrien Resch


Raja Thota


David Velek

Ops Manager

Daniel Francis

Product manager

Federica Migliaro


Jannat Ahsan


Gracious Igwe

Smart Contract Triager

Niklas Stylianou

Smart Contract Developer

Christian Sauer


Marc Strigel


Richard Mediavilla


Our Story

The idea of AuditOne originated to address the growing need for reliable and transparent security audits at the venture launcher started by The current Operations Manager, David Velek, and Product Manager Daniel Francis joined the project to help develop the core concept into a functioning business model. While David and Daniel developed the idea with the support of Soonami, they needed the right partners.

After the merger with CoinRisk, a startup founded by Adrien and Raja, a shift occurred, and AuditOne took off. The project has developed rapidly, thanks to the strategic leadership of Adrien Resch (CEO), the technical expertise of Raja Thota (CTO), and the efforts of David and Daniel.

We now have six core team members working on AuditOne, with many helping hands of auditors and advisers to assist us in achieving our goals.

At AuditOne, we bring together skilled, experienced smart contract auditors to help Web3 founders secure their products. AuditOne delivers audit security with a 4-for-1 audit (four independent auditors for one project). We believe that, for Web3 solutions to be widely embraced, they must be secured.

AuditOne's vision is to become the trust layer of our multi-stakeholder world.

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